Template Launch – Publisher

The Publisher template has everything a “workhorse” community driven news, opinions and recommendations site needs plus a lot more.

Built using the high end Jamroom CMS media framework, the Publisher template has unique facilities and is unlike any other commercially available template or app. Publisher uses custom modules including a state of the art people matching algorithm, advanced recommendations system, custom category trends with beautiful HTML5 graphs, a friends timeline, member follow/unfollow and a survey system to connect “match” people by their interests and tastes.. to name a few.

The internet is for publishing, and SEO has been a strong factor when designing the Publisher template with HTML5 publishing tags, SERP friendly URL’s and CSS3 styling throughout. Put simply, Google and Bing love this template!

Whichever publishing venture you have in mind, whether it’s Cars/Machines, Food/Drink, Tech/Gadgets, Health/Fitness, Travel, Fun/Satire, Image Portal or any other publishing platform for Stories, Articles, News Entries.. Publisher WILL suit your needs and outperform with flying colors!

Out of the box, the Publisher template offers advanced facilities which can be further customized to your specifications.

To kick-start your business contact us today!

View demo: http://planet.us

Solo-Developer.com Project Management (Site Launch)

If you’re a developer, before doing anything else, we urge you to visit Solo-Developer.com and check out the great facilities for project management and finances.

The facilities we’ve created are fast and simple to use.. so they don’t hinder your workflow. From time-tracking to invoicing, Solo-Developer.com is a closed private system built specifically for your management needs.

Hook up with Solo-Developer.com, try our easy to use facilities for your next project!

Freelancers wanted for Jamroom work

Jamroom is one of the most powerful media CMS frameworks available, far outperforming most other CMS applications in terms of functionality and ease of use. Oinkba use the Jamroom MCMS framework specifically to produce cutting edge web sites and templates for professional applications.

Oinkba are currently sourcing freelancers interested in working with us at our project site Earner.net. If you’re a freelancer, designer or professional developer and would like to widen your horizons earning within a productive and rewarding niche market, we would like to welcome you on board.

Register here and include your skills: http://earner.net/signup/

Custom Work Now At Earner.net

Thanks to everyone for their patience recently, we’ve been working overtime, crazy busy on your projects including a little project of our own..

We’re very excited.. and now ready to take on all your custom design and coding work over at Earner.net, our new network of designers and programmers are available and waiting there to complete your projects from start to finish!

For more info and to post your requirements, visit: Earner.net
See you there..

MediaPro and ProJam2 (Pro Packs) Now Available

Now available in the store are bundles (Pro Packs) for both MediaPro and ProJam2, the bundles include ALL mods currently available for each template.

MediaPro (Pro Pack) – Purchase
MediaPro bundled with ALL modifications, MP3 Store, Media Kit, News System, Producer Beats, Producers, DJs, Labels, Merchandise, Rappers, Dancers and Ajax Gallery.

ProJam2 (Pro Pack) – Purchase
ProJam2 bundled with ALL modifications, MP3 Store, Models, Producers and DJs.